TERESHCHENKO Viktor Ivanovich

Date of birth: 30th of January, 1950
Place of birth: village Dubrovka, Krasnopolski region of Mogilev oblast.
Nationality: Belarusian
Education: Gomel State University, 1975. The International Management Institute (MIM-Kyiv), University of Delaware, USA, 1990.
Got workout, retraining and probation in USA, Germany, France, Denmark, Cyprus and other countries.
Profession: Economist. MBA academic degree – Master of Business Administration in International Business Activities (1990).
Candidate of economic sciences (1993), associate professor (1999). Professor of management department. DOCTOR – ENGINEER, nominated and conferred on the highest qualification, Public Association “Belarusian engineering academy”, 2004.  

Government awards and titles of honor:
– Medal “Participant in elimination of consequences of The Chernobyl disaster”;
– Prize-winner of the International prize “Saint Sophia” for personal contribution to revival of spirituality, national science and culture (decision of the executive committee of the Cathedral Council of Slavonic nations and the Council of experts of the International Image Program “Leaders of the 21st century” dated 21.06.2004, Moscow);
– Honorary freeman of Bethune, France (03.09.2008);
– Author of more than 70 scientific and state works in development of Belarus.

Participation in elected bodies:
– Member of Supreme Soviet (Parliament) of the Republic of Belarus of the XIII convocation, 1996-2000;
– Candidate for the position of Deputy Chairman of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, July 1996, Stockholm, Sweden. Stated by the delegations of Canada, USA, France, Germany, Poland, Italy, Russia, Finland, Latvia and other countries, totally by the parliamentarians of 21 countries;
– Chairman of the Belarusian Popular Party (1994 – 2000). Closed in 2000 according to the decision of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus;
– President of the Belarusian public association “Popular diplomacy” (1993 – 2004);
– Nominated as presidential candidate in the Republic of Belarus (1994, 2001);
– Presidential candidate at the elections in the Republic of Belarus in 2010.

Employment sheet
(for the last 20 years):

  At the moment – engaged in economic and social researches.
2010– 2011 Chairman of the Council, Association of small-scale and medium business, Minsk.
2006-2009 Czech Republic
06.2004 – 05.2005 The Head of the Representation of autonomous nonprofit international organization “Executive committee of the Council of Slavonic nations of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine” in the Republic of Belarus.
1996 – 20000 Member of Supreme Soviet (Parliament) of the Republic of Belarus of the XIII convocation.
09.1994 – 06.2004 General director, JLLC “International Management Institute (MIM-Belorussia)”, joint Belarusian and German enterprise, Minsk (the institute was liquidated by the decision of the Economic Court of Minsk in 2006).
08.1994 – 09.19944 The Head of Department on issues of territory, Administration of the President of the Republic of Belarus.
06.1992 – 08.1994 General director, International Management Institute (MIM-Belarus), joint Belarusian and German enterprise, Minsk.

Home address:
Minsk, 220020, Republic of Belarus.
Phone: +375 17 250 3131; +375 17 209 6323; mob.+375 29 1717174,

Skype: viktar.minsk